Little Infinities

I think that maybe John Green left quite a few questions unanswered in The Fault In Our Stars because he wanted us to wonder, just like Hazel Grace did with An Imperial Affliction. For me personally, I’d like to know if Hazel’s mum succeeds with her job, and what becomes of Hazel’s father. I’d like to know what happens to Isaac, and how he deals with life without Augustus and Hazel. Does he ever find out if the girl with the hot voice is actually hot? and do they ever end up together? Was she another Monica, or was she the Always that Isaac was looking for? What happens to Van Houten, does he give Hazel any kind of sequel or do the lives of these characters remain unknown to her? I’d like to know if there really is Something with a capital S, if there really is an after life of some sort where Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters meet again. Maybe Hazel gets buried on the same hill as Augustus? One thing for sure is that Hazel’s name appears at the bottom of the Support Group death list, that Patrick would read out every session but by the time he’d got to the bottom nobody was listening anymore. But Hazel’s and Augusts’ names remain right next to eachother on that list, for me that’s a sign that atleast in one way they will always be together. I feel that is how it’s meant to be. This is the first and only book to ever make me feel any emotion, so I was quite stunned when it reduced me to tears. This book just has something no other book has, it is not your average love story, it is painfully honest and realistic about things. Once I had started reading, I couldn’t put the book down again, and ended up reading the whole thing within the space of 2 days. I can honestly say that this book is very special to me and every now and then, I’ll go back to The Fault In Our Stars to remind myself of the little infinity that Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters shared together.

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kiss me until i forget how worthless i am

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